Toorak College为2020年命名为教育工作者的创新学校名单

Toorak College很高兴地宣布,我们已被指定为2020年的教育家创新学校名单。该清单介绍了澳大利亚的五十多所学校对教育的最深刻和令人兴奋的影响,并认识到教学和学习的举措,技术和方法这正在向教育行业前进。

我们的2020年奖项承认我们的独特 项目闪耀 计划,旨在将学生乘坐允许他们真正利用其潜力的旅程,扩大世界观,并在其中找到他们的位置。同样,我们非常自豪能够支持学校内部工作人员的创新,因为他们继续设计以学生为中心和未来的焦点的新计划。

As part of our 项目闪耀 initiative, Toorak staff designed and developed two new subjects for students in Years 7 & 8 that are focused on broadening the minds of students and equipping them with essential skills required for the future. 

Agile Learning focuses on preparing students to work in a flexible, collaborative manner with outstanding communication, critical and creative thinking skills. Taught through a series of workshop-style lessons, students work collaboratively to address driving questions surrounding termbase themes such as the Power of UX, Social Entrepreneurship, Designing for the Times and Opportunity & Action. Students are introduced to the Toorak College design thinking process and this process guides them to emphasise, investigate, ideate, prototype and present ideas, while constantly considering and refining their work.